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Captivating, entrancing, mesmerizing...beautiful.

Our eyes are the window to our souls. They speak volumes without ever saying a word, and yet, their message is always clear and always about us. That’s where Pure Love eye products come in.

We have powders, matte powders, shimmering powders, shining, glowing, glittering powders that make your eyes dance. Perhaps a slow and demure waltz with a neutral tone, ready to be taken seriously. Perhaps a bold, bright color, or deep and dark tone to set a mood of something more daring. Whatever you chose, your eyes can set the stage for whatever message you want to convey.

You will only need the smallest amount for full, all day coverage, as our powders are so highly pigmented you simply don’t need more. The loose mineral, lightweight powders blend evenly without any oils, talcs, or bismuth oxychloride.

Once your eyes are glowing, you may choose to seal in the color with our eyeliner sealer which instantly makes your blend smudgeproof and waterproof.

Then, for the finishing touch, or perhaps the only touch you want, add our mascara. Just one stroke through your lashes and they are being nourished. Their growth is promoted and encouraged because they are enriched with pentapeptieds. So while you color your lashes full and lush with our black or brown mascara, your lashes are getting nourished and pampered in the process.


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