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How to use

How to use


Shake a small amount of the mineral powder into the containers lid, lightly touching with the flat foundation brush. Tap off any excess powder and with a circular motion apply to the face blending from outside in for desired coverage.

TIP: Foundation shades may be mixed or layered. To cover small skin irregularities, pat a little foundation on the area first, then apply your foundation and blush normally.


Using a blush brush such as the angled brush, lightly touch the tip of the brush to the blush shade. Using the lid, lightly tap off any excess blush and apply onto the apples of the cheeks and stroke over the cheek bones to the hair line.

TIP: Blush shades may be layered or mixed. Blush can also be made into nail polish.


lipstick-mixingsm.pngLIPSTICK BASE

Apply base to lips using a lip brush. Ouch the brush into the eye shadow color and apply wit short even strokes until full coverage is achieved.

TIP: Use your hand as a pallette and mix both the organic lipstick base and the eye shadow together to achieve an even consistency prior to application.


dsc-7026-nail-polishsm.pngNAIL POLISH

For colorful nails, start by applying a clear base coat to the nail. Next dip the brush into the eye shadow and apply directly to the nail.

TIP: Use small amount of polish to avoid drips.



dsc-7330sm-3.pngEYE SHADOW

Lightly touch the eye shadow brush to the color and apply to the eye lid.

TIP: By lightly dipping your eye shadow brush into water then the eye shadow you can darken or intensify the color prior to application. Shadows can be used dry or with water. Eye shadow colors may be mixed in order to create your own colors.


eyeliner-mixingsm.pngEYE LINER SEALER

Touch the sealer applicator brush to the eye shadow and mix to achieve an even consistency. Apply directly to your upper lash line.

TIP: Use your hand as a pallette and mix both the sealer and the eye shadow together to achieve an even consistency prior to application.

The sealer will protect the color for 24 to 36 hours unless removed with a makeup cleaner.



Using shadow apply directly to the brow line, filling in brows and shaping.

TIP: Sealer can also be applied to brows.


 shutterstock-69242062.jpgLASH ENHANCING MASCARA 

To create length and fullness apply mascara in layers.

TIP: Allow 20–30 secs to dry in between layers. Repeat until desired effect is attained.



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