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Do you know why we have our lip and nail products grouped together?

It may sound simple or perhaps not something you would wonder about. A small oddity, nothing more. But it isn’t that. There is a reason…a beautiful one.

We are so often struggling to find that perfect lipstick shade to match our nail polish color or vice versa. You know what we mean. We comb the aisles or stare at our screen and still they are so often just a shade or two off. Even when reputable cosmetic companies sell a color line together, the shine just makes the two products not quite fit.

Well, we wanted it to be perfect. So you want to know what we did?  

It is pretty spectacular.

We first carefully blended and created each color, say our Seashell pink eye shadow for example, and then created a clear nail polish and an organic clear lipstick base so that you can blend each product with the same exact color!

 Do you get it? You simply blend our clear, Vitamin E organic lip base with the Seashell shadow (or any shadow) and you have just created the exact color lipgloss as your eyes! Then you dip our clear nail polish base with the same glitter and voila’ you have the exact same color for your nails!

That’s shadow, lips, and nails made with the exact same mineral base shadow, that won’t clog pores, and will make you shine!

The color combinations are endless. You can be as creative or traditional as you like. Mix, match, blend, and coordinate, with our huge assortment of diverse and shimmering colors.

Not only is this a fun way to spend a little time on yourself, but it’s tremendously cost effective to have one base color available for all three cosmetics: eyes, lips, and nails with just a clear base to make it magic!

We are pretty proud of our idea here and are excited for you to try it out! You might never go back to traditional make-up again, we haven’t. And frankly, with what they are “allowed” to put in standard make-up, this is a wonderful thing for our skin and our planet! 

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