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Does it matter what kind of brush you use for your cosmetics?

For precise application, comfort, ease of cleaning, best coverage and usage for your powders...yes, it does. Anything can be used to just stick it on there, but at Pure Love, we have love in mind, love for your skin and self, all along the way.

Our powders and other products are carefully crafted and chosen to illuminate your natural beauty and our brushes are just as important. From synthetic to natural, our recommended brush for each product is paired with the ultimate usability in mind.

Liquids and creams are applied best with synthetics and powders are best applied with natural hairs. The synthetics are smoother and can create and carry fine, even, lines. The natural brushes, on the other hand have small pores in them that help the powder stick and more easily distribute on the skin.

All of our brushes are easy to clean with a conditioning shampoo. Always keeping your cosmetic application tools hygienic and safe for your skin is part of self care.

We have fan brushes, lip and blush brushes, brushes for eyes and foundation, everything you need for a perfect application every time. They should feel good on your skin.

We wanted each of them to each feel like gentle fingertips brushing softly against your face. We deserve love and every simple touch on our skin, should be loving and beautiful. Our brushes are an extension of that. They are long lasting and expertly chosen for each item. Enjoy them.

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